Building Plans Examiner

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Building Plans Examiner


Based on qualifications and experience

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Full-Time; Part-Time; Permanent

Program Area

Skilled Trade

Position Qualifications

Two years of college or vocational tech coursework in building code studies, engineering, architecture, or construction management of three years’ experience in building code plan review work for a municipal agency or a private plan review consulting firm or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Knowledge of the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and other regulations pertaining to construction and development. Knowledge of design, engineering, materials, and methods related to residential and commercial construction. Demonstrated excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills. Ability to understand and interpret codes and evaluate project proposals and projects under construction to verify conformance with code requirements. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Ability to make appropriate, sometimes unpopular decision. Ability to communicate technical information in a non-technical manner. Ability to respond diplomatically to angry citizens or clients. Knowledge of computer software applications. All ICC Building Plans Examiner Certification.

Company Name

South Penn Code Consultants


(717) 942-2248

Contact Person

Kevin Hertzog


Company Address

1382 Seven Valleys Road; York PA

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South Penn Code Consultants is looking for a Building Plans Examiner to join our team. We are a code compliance office, zoning officers, sewage enforcement officers, inspectors, plans examiners, permit technicians, and cover many municipalities. You will review and evaluate building plans and specifications to ensure the proposed construction complies with local, state Uniform Construction Code, building, fire, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, accessibility, energy, and related codes. Essential duties and responsibilities include: review residential and commercial plans for compliance with national, state and locally adopted codes. Occasionally inspect buildings and structures for compliance with construction codes. Work collaboratively with staff from other departments. Develop good working relationships with the public and make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions. Maintain an awareness and application of safe working procedures. Review plans and design calculations for complex structural systems used in a broad range of buildings.