Mechanical Assembler

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Mechanical Assembler


not specified

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Advanced Manufacturing

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See description below.

Company Name

BW Papersystems


(410) 584-7700

Contact Person

Al Clark


Company Address

10615 Beaver Dam Rd.; Hunt Valley MD 21030

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Work from assembly drawings, specifications and instructions to perform work in proper sequences. Assist with or assemble basic sections of machines as indicated by customer specifications. Perform basic assembly operations to exacting tolerances; work with various types of parts including rotating shafts, gear trains, mechanical structures, and sprockets. Use measuring instruments to level and align work. detect and eliminate run-out, work to close tolerances with a demand for square, concentricity and parallelism. Assist with the detection of defective material, unusual conditions or operating difficulties and report to supervisor. Attend team meetings; may provide input on quality, cost, or production issues. Perform all work in accordance with established safety procedures; Maintain work areas and equipment in clean, orderly, and safe fashion. Other duties as assigned.