Part-Time HVAC Instructor

Position Available

Part-Time Adult Education Instructor


$31.00 per hour

Job Type


Program Area

Skilled Trades

Position Qualifications

The individual to be hired to the position of Adult Education HVAC Instructor must meet the following conditions and qualifications:

• Minimum 5 years of paid work experience in the related field.
• Must be technically experienced in the subject matter they will be teaching with preference given to
those who have had previous adult teaching experience as well. Technical certifications related to the
area of instruction are a plus.
• EPA and OSHA Certifications preferred (EPA 608, R410A safety and other HVAC/R certifications)
• Ability to explain complex HVAC issues to students in a way they understand.
• Excellent communications skills: writing and public speaking.
• Critical-thinker – problem-solver.
• Must meet all legal requirements, submit all criminal background checks, clearance statements, and the
like, established by law.
• Valid Driver’s License
• Be proficient with using computer technologies: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Company Name

York County School of Technology – Adult & Continuing Education Center


(717) 747-2130

Contact Person

Kirk D. Schlotzhauer


Company Address

York, PA

Company Website


Position Type: Part-Time Adult Education Instructor
Start Date: Immediate

Schedule: Monday – Thursday Evenings, approximately 20 hours per week

General Description:
The HVAC Instructor as an Adult & Continuing Education Instructor shall be responsible for developing
curriculum, preparing lesson plans, selecting appropriate books and teaching materials, and successfully
teaching subject matter to adult students in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technology
Program. The instructor must be experienced in the installation and repair of heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning systems. The Instructor is expected to present a professional and positive image as a
representative of the school and its programs.

Key Responsibilities:
The Adult Education HVAC Instructor must have the ability to perform the following essential functions with or
without reasonable accommodations:
• Responsible for preparation and delivery of all course materials and instruction, to prepare the student
for the workplace.
• Develop individual instructional materials.
• Aid in the selection of books, tools, and equipment.
• Is knowledgeable of and adheres to all institutional educational policies and procedures.
• Maintain student records and participate in curriculum development and revision.
• YCST Instructors have the primary responsibility of aiding our students in the achievement of their
goals (i.e. to be trained and placed), and delivering a Student First experience.
• Instruct students in the classroom and in the lab.
• Maintain safety rules and procedures and observe all policies per the Instructor Handbook.
• Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all tools and equipment.
• Maintain accurate records for attendance, progress charts and grade reports.
• Use proper, accepted instructional techniques to reach learners with a variety of learning styles.
• Present all materials in an unbiased and nonjudgmental way.

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to Kirk D. Schlotzhauer, Director of Adult & Continuing
Education at