Construction Technician

Position Available

Construction Technician


Job Type


Program Area

Skilled Trades

Position Qualifications


High school diploma or general education degree (GED); and a minimum of five years of related experience in the public water industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Post-secondary education is highly desirable.

Company Name

The York Water Company


(717) 845-3601

Contact Person

Ashley Smith


Company Address

York, PA

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SUMMARY: Assist with the planning, permitting, sampling and testing, and construction of water mains, sanitary sewers, and other special assignments.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Shovel, picks, bars, etc.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND REPSONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Prepare drawings for water and sewer main projects using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  2. Gather and compile office and field data for proposed and completed projects, including the use of equipment such as global positioning system (GPS) collection units.
  3. Assist in the preparation of construction cost estimates.
  4. Assist in the requisition and delivery of materials for construction projects.
  5. Prepare state and municipal road occupancy permit applications for main installation projects. Assist with the preparation of other types of permit applications.
  6. Review active construction projects to ensure that specifications, plans, procedures, and permits are being followed.
  7. Responsible for the efficient and effective filling, flushing, pressure testing, and water quality sampling and testing at water main installation sites, and other company locations as assigned.
  8. Assist and support the Superintendency to ensure the Company meets all water quality sampling and testing as water main installation sites, and other company locations as assigned.
  9. Responsible for the effective preparation for, and proper disinfection of newly constructed potable water mains, adhering to all applicable standards and regulatory procedures.
  10. Assist with ensuring contractors are following Standard Operating Procedures related to water quality maintenance while on company job sites.
  11. Compile and prepare record drawings, details, and other documentation for completed projects.
  12. Consistently demonstrate positive and professional behavior to all individuals contacted on behalf of the Company, including customers and employees.