The Adult & Continuing Education Center recently wrapped up a Sanitary Welding class at Brubaker Refrigeration, LLC. The Sanitary Welding class, customized for the employees of Brubaker Refrigeration, LLC, and taught by Adult & Continuing Education Center Welding Instructor Taylor Ecenrode, was designed to give employees the ability to weld stainless steel piping to strict sanitary standards. 

Students gained a better understanding of the sanitary welding process, including proper machine settings, pipe set-up, and gas settings. Sanitary welding, a welding and metalworking practice specifically for the food, drug, and dairy industries, involves creating food-grade welding and metal for equipment used across the consumables industry. Specific welding procedures and methods are required in welding stainless piping in order to prevent bacteria traps in food applications, reactivity to chemicals, and the corrosion of piping in chemical processing applications. 

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(Pictured are Angel Torres and Josh Stoner holding their certificates of completion. The other is Angel and Josh with Taylor Ecenrode, Instructor.)