No other profession will provide the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life the way a job in healthcare can, and very few fields offer such widespread career opportunities. 

As a healthcare professional, you will enjoy a fast-paced workday with a constantly changing atmosphere where every day is a new adventure. You will assist practitioners with treating diseases and ailments and play a vital role in the patient’s well-being. If you are looking for a dynamic and growing career field, healthcare may be the right choice for you.

It’s never been easier, faster, or more financially rewarding to start a new career!

• 98% Job Placement Rates
• New Careers In Less Than A Year
• Higher Incomes

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Medical Assistant

  • Near 100% Placement Rate
  • 3,730 Projected Job Openings in PA
  • $32,480 Avg. Starting Salary
  • Day & Evening Classes
  • Clinicals Included
  • Training in Less Than a Year

Nurse Aide

  • Jobs projected to grow over 10% by 2026
  • Annual average wage: $31,870
  • Complete training in as little as 5 weeks
  • Includes classroom and clinical skills training

Medical Billing & Coding

The Medical Billing & Coding Program is currently unavailable as we revise our curriculum to create an EVEN BETTER skill set for our students!

Dental Assistant

  • New Program!
  • 1,430 Projected Job Openings in PA
  • $37,630 Avg. Starting Salary
  • Evening Classes
  • Training in Less Than a Year

Practical Nursing

  • 3,200 Projected Job Openings in PA
  • Avg. Starting Salary of $46,400
  • 93% Placement Rate
  • Daytime Classes
  • Clinicals Included
  • Training in Less Than a Year
  • OPEN HOUSE: April 11, 5-7pm


  • Jobs projected to grow more than 15% by 2026
  • Annual average wage: $35,640
  • Complete training in as little as 3 months
  • Evening classes – perfect for career-changers

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*Placement rates based on most recent graduating classes
*Job statistics drawn from PA Dept. of Labor and Industry and O*Net Online.



I like our instructor’s teaching methods, it allows us to actually retain everything. Also, all of the hands-on activities we do in the lab are a lot of fun and help us to become more comfortable. Our instructor and classmates have definitely made the class very enjoyable! I love what I am going for, and glad I finally found something that sparked my interest. I also really love how our class is small, giving us more time for discussions and anything we need. We’ve become a happy little dental family.

Kerri Fitzkee

YCST Dental Assistant Program
“The medical assisting program at YCST is great! The classes for the program are exactly what we need to take and don’t involve ones that we don’t need. I loved how short and quick the program went - it was less than a year to get certified as a clinical medical assistant. The best thing about the program is the teachers. They teach you in a way that is easy for you to understand and they truly care about you!”

Autumn Liberatore

Graduate of YCST Medical Assistant Program
"My experience with the Adult & Continuing Education Center at York County School of Technology has been a blessing!! I am a mother of five children so it has been intense for me to study and focus as much as I would like to. Thanks to my instructors and the school staff involved with the Adult Education Program, they have helped guide me through to successful completion of my program. This program has a lot of information and lots of hands on skills that will have you completely comfortable and prepared to enhance yourself in the field as an Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Also, you complete your program within a fashionable time. Thanks to the Adult & Continuing Education Center for all the support and encouragement I’ve gained while attending your program."

Flaireisha Generett

Graduate of YCST Medical Assistant Program
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For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our Consumer Information and Accreditation and Approvals page.