Refund Policy

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Refunds for Class/Unit or Program Cancellation: If a class is cancelled by the Adult & Continuing Education Center, all students will be refunded 100% of pre-paid tuition and fees. Refund Policy for Registration and Administrative Fees: Application, Registration, Administrative fees, Books and Supplies (tool kits) are non-refundable.

Refunds for Students Who Withdraw On or Before the First Day of Class: If a student fails to start in their program a class/ unit or withdraws from the class/unit or their program on the first class day, the school may retain a portion of pre-paid tuition or fees. Failure to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal. Withdrawal from program, unit or class: Responsibility for withdrawing remains with the student. A student must officially withdraw from their program or class/unit by notifying the Adult Education office personnel in writing by completing a withdrawal form. The official date of withdraw is determined when school personnel or office is notified in writing.

Never attending is not an allowable refund exemption or an excuse of the debt incurred through registration. Failure to attend classes does not equal a withdrawal. Students who officially withdraw from a clock hour program or a class/unit will be refunded according to the student’s current payment period and the program hourly rate. Refund Policy for Clock Hour Tuition: Students withdrawing from their program of choice or an individual class may be eligible for refunds based on scheduled hours in the program/ class to date. Clock hour tuition is assessed by scheduled class hours and the program hourly rate; hourly rates are different for each program. Tuition may be adjusted based on the information provided at the time of withdrawal and will be assessed on actual scheduled class time in the student’s current payment period. Students who attend more than 60% of the scheduled program hours in a payment period do not qualify for refunds.

Students who received student aid, depending on when you withdraw, will be adjusted according to the Federal Return of Title IV formula, state grant refund calculation and institutional policy.

Withdrawal/Refund Debt Policy: Students who owe a balance to the school after withdrawing must be pay balance in full within six months of withdrawal date regardless the amount that is due. Six month payment plans are available, payments will begin and end on the dates outlined in the payment plan contract. The payment amount due each month will remain consistent for the duration of the plan. However, the final installment may be increased or decreased to fully satisfy your tuition account balance. Payment plans are not renewable or negotiable.

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