Derek Roth, ELSNER Employee and York County School of Technology Instructor

ELSNER believes in the power of sharing the knowledge of our seasoned staff to help grow the skilled workforce in our community as evidenced by our work with York County School of Technology (YCST).  We have partnered with YCST to provide instructors and resources for their Adult Education Mechatronics program. Derek Roth, a longtime ELSNER Employee with the current role of Trainer, was the first instructor to teach at YCST this fall.  We took a moment to catch up with him following his time at YCST.  

How did you feel about being asked to teach at YCST?

Derek:  When I was first asked about teaching an adult education class, I considered not doing it. I was busy with my work at ELSNER, plus I did not feel that I would be a good enough teacher for a class because I have never created a class curriculum, tests, labs, homework assignments and grading systems.  However, I knew I would have the help and support from Lynneah Smith and Brianna O’Brien of ELSNER’s HR Department  which gave me confidence to take on the challenge at YCST!

How did you prepare with YCST to instruct and what was it like to work with the YCST staff? 

Derek:  After meeting with YCST’s Kevin Schussler and Terry Jamison, I felt a little more comfortable about taking on the instructor role. They made me feel very welcomed and were extremely helpful and supportive. Whenever we asked, they met with me alongside John Wright and James Wheeler, ELSNER staff who will also be teaching at YCST.  Those meetings helped us to get more comfortable with their machinery as well as  made us feel that their classrooms, were also our classrooms. I could not have asked for better support for my first experience teaching.   All staff I met were also very accommodating and super friendly.  Walking through the hallways while getting to and from class, the staff was always quick to say “Hi” and “How Are You?” Every YCST staff member I came in contact with, were first-class, and represented their school perfectly!

What did you cover in the course work you were teaching?  How did you plan the course work?

Derek:  I covered  the Benchwork part of the machining program.  As Trainer at ELSNER, I have developed a Bench training at Elsner, so I was able to model my class curriculum around that training.  Of course, each day brought about changes, and challenges to the plan. My car drives to and from YCST, nights at home, and early mornings at ELSNER were mostly spent thinking of what to do to make this a better experience for the students. I not only learned a great deal more about machining processes, but I was also able to incorporate a lot of the course work to the Elsner Bench training program.

What was the best part of the YCST teaching experience?

Derek:  Teaching at YCST was definitely a learning experience and very fulfilling, but what really made it mean even more to me, was the students. I was truly blessed with a great class! They were a very diverse group, which really added to the fun! I love meeting and helping people, and they were 14 terrific people to teach; it was very easy to get attached to such a great group of people.

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