General Laborer

Position Available

General Laborer


$16 – $18/hr – Negotiable depending on field experience

Job Type


Program Area

Skilled Trades

Position Qualifications

*Must have a valid Driver’s License*


  • Stamina and endurance: To perform their very physical job, laborers have to conduct strenuous and physically demanding tasks for long hours and in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Strength: The lifting duties involved in the job of a laborer often require lifting and carrying weights in excess of 50 pounds.
  • Mathematics: Laborers have to perform basic mathematic calculations every day.
  • Experience operating some equipment is beneficial.

Company Name

H & H General Excavating


(717) 225-4669

Contact Person

Chip Conto


Company Address

660 Old Hanover Rd

Spring Grove, PA 17362

Company Website


PAY RANGE $16 – $18/hr – Negotiable depending on field experience.

Full-time job with benefits.

Feel free to stop by our office at 660 Old Hanover Rd. Spring Grove, PA 17362 to pick up a hard copy application if necessary.

We are hiring laborers, specifically on our construction sites, which can perform physical tasks such as cleaning, removing debris, loading and unloading materials, assembling and disassembling temporary structures, digging trenches, compacting earth, reading and following construction plans and blueprints and assisting skilled craftspeople with their duties. These jobs change from day to day.

Our laborers perform a variety of duties involving tool use, lifting, carrying and managing equipment and machinery to provide support and aid to the skilled craftspeople on-site.