Mill Trainee

Position Available

Mill Trainee


Starts at $23.27/hour. Unlimited overtime potential.

Job Type

Full-Time, Permanent

Program Area

Advanced Manufacturing

Position Qualifications

see below

Company Name



(717) 955-8067

Contact Person

Beate Ervin


Company Address

Spring Grove, PA

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Mill Trainee starts at $23.27/hour. Unlimited overtime potential.

This is a swing shift job.

Under direction of the Shift Foreman, learns and performs jobs of all department positions as directed; functions as helper to those positions as assigned; performs minor maintenance and lubrication duties as assigned; and performs other related or comparable duties as directed.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Respects and enforces Pixelle Safety, Quality and Environmental policies, as an individual but also as an operations team member
  • Learn all bottom jobs within a department
  • Bring raw materials to the machine, including: cores, skids, blocks and anything else to maintain the operations
  • Move product around the Mill using hand trucks and clamp trucks
  • Assist other operators with making splices and threading winders
  • Learn how to perform jobs safely and efficiently
  • Monitors quality of product at every operation
  • Assists with moving, weighing, taping and labeling product
  • Performs cleanup duty for machine breaks or standard daily cleanups
  • Assists with threading of machines
  • Can be involved with simple mechanical tasks including rope installation and lubrication duties
  • Assists with Rewinding, Sheeting and Wrapping operations
  • Cleans up broke generated by machines and recycles back into the process
  • Does what is necessary to keep operations running safely and efficiently