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Advanced Manufacturing

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Black Locust Designs


(213) 808-7986

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Nicholas Ondo


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Liverpool, PA

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Black Locusts Designs, located in Liverpool, PA, is a small veteran-owned non-profit. Our goal is to serve veterans suffering from PTSD, by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of metal working and wood working. Our vision is to assist our warriors by teaching valuable skills, that will help them transition back into the job market, while giving them an outlet to heal the wounds that are not visible to the outside world. We have received numerous donations of machinery, equipment, and supplies, and are ready to meet our veterans needs. Our final task is to wire our building and turn on the power. We are in need of laborers to help with the task of pulling wire, installing electrical outlets, and hanging overhead lights. If you have a sense of community, and would like be a part of something great, please reach out. In lieu of pay, we are offering training to volunteers, alongside our veterans, in our metal and wood working shops. These are valuable skills that will lead to excellent paying jobs, and job security.